Are Investment Properties Worth it?

Sometimes YES.  And sometimes NO.

That's where I come in.

Depending on the specific market you're shopping in, a smart investment property (or 2 or 3!) can put you well on your way to achieving the highly sought after "passive income".

But it's complicated and there are many variables.

One basic consideration is the 1% Rule.  This means you should try to invest in properties that bring you a monthly profit of at least 1% of what you paid for it (plus any improvements).

And don't forget to consider expenses like property taxes, property management, and general upkeep.

There are risks involved too - and I can help you analyze and minimize.  

I can help you find investment properties in California and in Utah (St. George & Park City) or refer you to one of my agent friends if you are looking in other areas.  I can also help you with property management!

And if you're not quite ready to take on another property, you may want to consider an ADU - Accessory Dwelling Unit.  I'm a certified ADU specialist and I'd love to help you.  See my ADU page for more info.

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