Accessory Dwelling units

Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs, have been gaining massive popularity in the last few years.  And I can see why.

They're a great way to generate rental income with a property you already own.

They're a great solution for multi-generational households.

They make a great home office.

They're adorable (Hello - tiny house!)

But building an ADU isn't as easy as putting a tiny house on wheels in your backyard. 
(In fact - tiny homes on wheels are not legal ADUs in most areas - Boo!)

Not to fret!  I am a certified ADU specialist and I can't wait to help you start generating some cash flow (or get your in-laws out of the house!)

I can help you understand the laws, regulations, and restrictions in your area.  I can also help you get real about cost, financing, design, utilities, etc.

Let's make your ADU dreams a reality!

To get started, check out these handbooks:

Then reach out if you have any questions!

California ADU Handbook

UTAh ADU Handbook

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