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“I have known Grace personally and professionally for 8 years. In that time, she has proven to be one of the hardest working woman that I have ever met. She is also extremely kind, energetic and when she says she’s going to do something she does it. 
She has also been a great resource and provides me with information on health related issues, business related matters and helpful info in general. She is very social and has a lot of connections, so she always knows the right people to refer me to. I was a real estate agent for 13 years and worked on numerous transactions with many different realtors. I think that Grace is one of the best people you can choose to work with in any capacity, but especially as a Realtor." 

~ Heidi Z.

what my clients say about me

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For 15 years, it has been my passion to help others live well!  From Pilates instructor to Acupuncturist and now to REALTOR®, I feel lucky to be helping people live their best life in the home of their dreams!

I combine my knowledge of health and wellness to the real estate transaction to create a smooth, well-informed, and positive experience.

Hi, I’m Grace! 

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Home Wellness

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Real Estate Wellness

I'm focused on what's best for YOU and getting you from where you ARE to where you want to BE.

Best. Life. Ever.  Here we come!

My Real Estate Wellness Program aims to get you out of "good enough" to your next perfect home, neighborhood, & lifestyle in an organized & stress-free way.

Grace Living = Dream + Life + Ease

"I heard through the local Los Gatos community that Grace was THE person.  She is very professional yet makes you feel so comfortable. Through every step, she asked how I was doing and she patiently listened. 
I highly recommend Grace." 

~ Jacky T.

what my clients say about me